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Dunkirk house

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PENNY FRYER    25 Mar 2011
My great-grandmother plus some of her family purchased Dunkirk house having moved to the area from Skegness.

I have tried to find this house to no avail.

She moved from there after the 1911 census. I believe Lord Sondes purchased it after this date.

Does anyone know anything about this house? I know it was a substantial property.
david weatherley    18 Jan 2017


I live in Florida USA and I have just recently come across this site.

I do believe that I have many documents and papers regarding the Marten family of Dunkirk House, Faversham, Kent.

They are safely stored in climate controlled storage in the UK together with other antique documents.

My email is







Julie Datlen    17 Sep 2014
I was reading a comment from Stuart Harrison with regard to Dunkirk House. 

Stuart, I am trying to find any information I can on Courtenay House and its background.  Could you send me anything you have if possible to my e-mail,

Thank you for your help
Kind regards, Julie
Julie Datlen    17 Sep 2014

We have a plan in which the building now known as Courtenay House is called Dunkirk House. We are also trying to find any photos that anyone might have over the years about Courtenay House or Sir William Courtenay Hotel.

If anyone can help please e-mail me. We have been told that there used to be a beer garden and a grassed area to the right of Courtenay House. Can anyone help?

Thank you

LYNN FISHENDEN    22 Jun 2013

I have managed to find some info about the elusive Dunkirk House.

Someone was selling the sale brochure and plan but unfortunately it was too late to bid on the item as it sold on the 24/09/2012.

The description was "1893 Dunkirk House, Mansion House, Boughton Hill, Faversham, sale brochure and plan. Mansion house and grounds situated at Boughton Hill in the Ville of Dunkirk in the county of Kent, 6 pages printed and large scale plan.
"The property to be auctioned 4th November 1893 by Robert Dalton in the Music Hall, Canterbury."

It would be lovely to know if the house still existed but I have a feeling that it doesn't. I know some of you mentioned that it could be Courtenay House? But I think that is too near Canterbury.

With best regards Lynn
LYNN FISHENDEN    14 Jun 2013
If anyone has any info on Dunkirk House once owned by John Martin, the former Mayor of Canterbury, I would love to hear from you.

I have been researching my husbands family tree and John Martin's wife was a Fishenden.

John Martin, I think, sold the house in 1893, I have read one person's info that they have a cutting of the Times Newspaper and the sale of Dunkirk House.

 If they read this maybe they could email me at, thanks.
Arthur Percival    20 Oct 2011

If  the house to which you refer was there in the 18th century, then it wasn't the big house at the top of Boughton House, because this wasn't there then.

It may have been the elusive house at the bottom of the hill, in Horselees Road, known simply as Dunkirk.

If you have any further information about it, and for that matter about John Martin, could you please send it to me at ticfaversham (at)

Many thanks

LYNN FISHENDEN    18 Oct 2011
I was reading about Dunkirk house as my husband's family owned this in the 18th century after John Martin, and wonder if you would be able to send me a copy of the sale details.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With best regards,

JOHN ROBERTSON    14 Apr 2011
In 1871 the house that stands at the top of Boughton Hill was named as Hill House. 

By 1907 it was known as Dunkirk House and in the early 1960s it was taken over and made into a hotel called the Courtenay Hotel.

It is now called Courtenay House and has been made into flats.


John Robertson
Peter Stevens    12 Apr 2011
You might like to read Arthur Percival's reply dated 10 May 2008 to a query on Dunkirk on the Noticeboard.
Stuart Harrison    06 Apr 2011
I think Dunkirk House could have been the building, since turned into flats, called Courtenay House at the top of Boughton Hill directly opposite the church.

There is a fine description of Dunkirk House in an advert in The Times newspaper on its sale by auction in 1893 when it was the home of John Marten Esq.

Tt describes the extensive views from "the delightful bijou tower-room" and that "the mansion is superior, comprising large dining room, pleasing drawing room (with conservatory communicating), breakfast room, library, and smoke room, well-lighted billiard room, 11 bedrooms and dressing rooms, bath room, lavatory and butler's pantry, together with well-appointed kitchen, cellar and store-room arrangements; comfortable stabling for five horses, with coach house and harness room, cow lodge and other outbuildings". 

It also describes the extensive grounds of gardens, pasture and two cottages for a coachman and gardener. The whole estate then covered more than 13 acres.  I'd be happy to send you the copy advert if you provide me with your e-mail address via the moderator.

Best wishes, Stuart