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Dunkirk house

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PENNY FRYER    25 Mar 2011
My great-grandmother plus some of her family purchased Dunkirk house having moved to the area from Skegness.

I have tried to find this house to no avail.

She moved from there after the 1911 census. I believe Lord Sondes purchased it after this date.

Does anyone know anything about this house? I know it was a substantial property.
Barrie Vinten    02 Apr 2011
I've done a Google search and found a Forge House, which is to the east of Dunkirk, near the junction of the old A2, which goes through Boughton and Dunkirk, and the newer A2

I don't know if this is the place to which you refer; I effectively left the Faversham area 50 years ago and somebody with more up-to-date local knowledge may know a better answer to your question.