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Dunkirk house

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PENNY FRYER    25 Mar 2011
My great-grandmother plus some of her family purchased Dunkirk house having moved to the area from Skegness.

I have tried to find this house to no avail.

She moved from there after the 1911 census. I believe Lord Sondes purchased it after this date.

Does anyone know anything about this house? I know it was a substantial property.
Peter Stevens    12 Apr 2011
You might like to read Arthur Percival's reply dated 10 May 2008 to a query on Dunkirk on the Noticeboard.
Stuart Harrison    06 Apr 2011
I think Dunkirk House could have been the building, since turned into flats, called Courtenay House at the top of Boughton Hill directly opposite the church.

There is a fine description of Dunkirk House in an advert in The Times newspaper on its sale by auction in 1893 when it was the home of John Marten Esq.

Tt describes the extensive views from "the delightful bijou tower-room" and that "the mansion is superior, comprising large dining room, pleasing drawing room (with conservatory communicating), breakfast room, library, and smoke room, well-lighted billiard room, 11 bedrooms and dressing rooms, bath room, lavatory and butler's pantry, together with well-appointed kitchen, cellar and store-room arrangements; comfortable stabling for five horses, with coach house and harness room, cow lodge and other outbuildings". 

It also describes the extensive grounds of gardens, pasture and two cottages for a coachman and gardener. The whole estate then covered more than 13 acres.  I'd be happy to send you the copy advert if you provide me with your e-mail address via the moderator.

Best wishes, Stuart
Barrie Vinten    02 Apr 2011
I've done a Google search and found a Forge House, which is to the east of Dunkirk, near the junction of the old A2, which goes through Boughton and Dunkirk, and the newer A2

I don't know if this is the place to which you refer; I effectively left the Faversham area 50 years ago and somebody with more up-to-date local knowledge may know a better answer to your question.