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Why the volcano?

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toni love    02 May 2011

I was in the Fleur de Lis hall this evening and was marvelling at a painting that is hung on the wall.

It's Faversham local history, drawn by H E Richards and painted by Sid Coombes.
We managed to locate the churches that are painted in the picture and the abbey – but why is there a volcano in the right hand side of the painting?
Arthur Percival    05 May 2011
The painting recedes in time, as you may have noticed – there is a Teddy boy in the foreground. So there is a volcano in the background to suggest how the UK landmass originated.

No sign of any extinct volcanoes in Kent, of course, but Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh is one.

Best wishes

Arthur (on behalf of the Faversham Society)
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