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Great grandmother's burial place

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Ann Cureton    19 May 2011
My great-grandmother Julia Louisa Hyland  died on 17 June, 1915, at 2 Providence Place, Abbey Street, Faversham Within.

According to her death certificate she was 34 years of age and died of pneumonia. Can anyone say in which cemetery she may be buried?

I live in Queensland, Australia, and one day hope to visit her grave – if she has one.
Ann Cureton    13 Aug 2011
I would like to thank Arthur and Peter for their help with my Hylands request. I am very grateful for you taking the time Peter to search the Faversham newspapers for me in relation to my query.

However I am not able to make any connections to the items that you quoted at the moment.

As it was always going to be a long shot I think I will have to put my queries to rest for the time being.


Peter Stevens    04 Aug 2011
Dear Ann,

The following may be of interest. Sorry that in most cases we only have initials but you may be able to relate them to your family tree.

1. Percy Hyland of The Brents was a pilot for the foreign ships bringing theor cargoes up Faversham Creek in the first half of the 20th century.

2. The Faversham News of 4 August 1939 reported that an iron lung was rushed from St. Bartholomew's Hospital in Rochester to Keycol Isolation Hospital to save the life of seven-year-old Brian Hyland of Upper Brents who was suffering from infantile paralysis. The hospital electric supply was not of the right type but the Kent Electric Power Company quickly adapted the supply and full recovery was expected.

3. W Hyland was the landlord of the Willow Tap public house on The Brents and is listed in the 1926, 1937 and 1939 directories. In the same directories  E W Hyland was listed at 70 Upper Brents and C H Hyland was next door at 71 Upper Brents.

4. Edwin Hyland was listed at 4 Napleton Place, Tanners Street in 1921, 1926,28, 37 and 1939.

5. H S Hyland of 5 Napleton Place was serving in the Royal Artillery as a Gunner in 1940. (I think this must have been Herbie who later lived at The Brents.)

6. P G Hyland was listed at 3 Wallers Row, Ospringe in 1937 and 1939.

Napleton Place and Wallers Row have been demolished as both, like Providence Place were occupied by the very poor.

There are a few more Hylands in Faversham Cemetery if you are interested.

Arthur Percival    03 Aug 2011
Dear Ann

There's microfilm of the Faversham News in Faversham Library, but the paper has never been digitised, so to look for the name would involve a very long and tedious search.

However I'll draw the attention of Peter Stevens, a fellow Faversham Society volunteer, to your posting. He uses the microfilm a lot, and may be able to think of some kind of short cut, though I rather doubt it.

Best wishes

Ann Cureton    01 Aug 2011
Dear Arthur -

With regards to your reply to me on 29 May.

I did not comment on your posting at the time, but it is quite likely that the newspaper items to which you refer ie 2 and 9 Sept 1916 are in fact referring to the daughter of my Julia Louisa Hyland (nee Wells). This daughter, Julia Louisa Hyland was born in July 1901 in the Malling Union Workhouse so the dates match up.  

My question now is if you have easy access to the Faversham newspapers? 

If so then I would be interested in any reference to the name HYLAND living in the Faversham area from about 1910 onwards. 

I think there possibly could be references to this family perhaps in relation to questionable parenthood and or intoxication.  

Your advice would be much appreciated.

Ann Cureton    27 Jul 2011
The issue of my great grandmother's burial has been resolved. 

I would like to thank those who replied. 

On further investigation it appears there is a revised version of the CD on which this burial is shown.  And the new CD gives the date of burial as the 10 June not the 6 October.

So my Julia Louisa Hyand was buried on the 10 June 1915 at Faversham Cemetery in grave no D352

Once again thanks to all

Ann Cureton

Arthur Percival    29 May 2011
Dear Ann

After writing I wondered if there had been an inquest, maybe because Julia worked in one of the explosives factories and contracted some strange disease there. I've no means of checking on this, unfortunately.

However (and you may not be pleased!) I came across another Julia Louisa Hyland, aged 16, who was working at one of the local gunpowder factories in September 1916 when she was charged with stealing a coat from a Mrs Jessie Miles, with whom she was lodging. In court a week later she was found guilty and bound over for two years – she was more to be pitied than to be blamed, the magistrates said. All from the Faversham News of 2 and 9 September 1916.

Best wishes

Ann Cureton    27 May 2011
Thank you to Arthur and Peter for burial place and date for my great grandmother Julia.

However can anyone offer an explanation as to why the burial would be four months after she died? It is not as though her death was suspicious.
Peter Stevens    24 May 2011
Julia Louisa Hyland, wife of Mark, was buried in Plot D352 in Faversham Cemetery on 6 October 1915.
Providence Place is no longer there; iit was demolished in the 1950s.
Arthur Percival    23 May 2011

I think we have been in touch before. She was buried in plot D352 at Faversham Cemetery, wherever exactly this may be. The burial date is given as 6 October, which is a bit odd given her date of death.

Best wishes

Arthur Percival
(for the Faversham Society)
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