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A. Butcher

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Peter Stevens    06 Jun 2011
Can anyone please help with information about A Butcher, whose name appears on the Hernhill War Memorial?

Thank you

Peter Stevens
Barrie Vinten    11 Jun 2011


Do you have any clue as to in which conflict he died?

I have searched the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site and there are several Butchers with the single initial 'A' and many more with 'A' as one of their initials.

Unfortunately many of the entries do not give any family details but it has been possible to eliminate some who have. Looking at the 1901 census there is a family headed by Alfred Butcher, born in Hernhill in 1873 but he would have been too old for the First World War and, anyway, I think I have found his death record in 1951.

He did not have any sons with the initial 'A', at least not before the 1901 census. It is possible he had a son after the 1901 census who joined up, under age, and was killed in later days of WW1.

Re the possible Butchers killed in the First World War, here is the shortlist:

A. Butcher, London Regiment, died 17/6/1918

A. Butcher, Royal Army Medical Corps, died 20/8/1918

Alfred Butcher, Coldstream Guards, died 25/3/1918

I have eliminated all those in regiments related to specific counties well away from Kent.

I think that the A. Butcher you mention could be one of the above, assuming he was killed in the First World War, but I shall investigate further.

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