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Wise family

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Carol Edestrand    07 Feb 2012
I am researching my Wise family roots. The family lived in Faversham or close by.  I am back to about 1650 to Michael Wise (my 7th great-grandfather) who died in Stalisfield in 1695. It seems that the Wise name is predominant in the Faversham/Preston area. 

My grandfather was George Wise, born June 1891 in Faversham, who emigrated to Canada as a young man and raised a family in Calgary, Alberta.  My immediate family is all in Canada.

I really want to visit the Faversham area some day, it is so steeped in history.  Although we have many names on the family tree we have few stories.
It would be wonderful to communicate with a relative, however distant, still residing in Faversham so I could learn more about the area and my family who called it home.

Carol Edestrand
Ontario, Canada
Peter Stevens    14 Feb 2012
Wise is a fairly common name in Faversham: 39 with that surname were interred in Faversham Cemetery between 1898 and 1952; 17 are listed in the 1939 directory.

I remember a Mr Robert Wise who lived in Abbey Street. I will send his obituary by e-mail; it might just be of interest.

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