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Faversham's Reluctant Exiles

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Glenys Gaske    11 Feb 2012
I'm looking for a copy of Faversham's Reluctant Exiles by John Stevens.

Would anyone have a copy they don't want or have any suggestions where I could buy one?

I live in Australia so online would be preferred option.


Arthur Percival    21 Feb 2012

Sorry your request hasn't been picked up before.   Life is hectic, as I'm sure it is for you, too.

In fact if you refer to you'll see that there are two 'Faversham Papers' on 'reluctant exiles', and these, like virtually all in the series, remain permanently in print. All you have to do is order from the Faversham Society at the Fleur de Lis. Of course as you're in Oz you'll need to ask for cost of overseas shipping first. Just email

But to save you money it might just be worthwhile checking through your local library inter-loan to see whether you can borrow a copy, or copies. I'm sure that at  least reference copies will have been bought by the ANL and/or one or two uni libraries in Oz.

Best wishes

Arthur (for Faversham Society)  
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