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Conyer Coastguard Station location?

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Sue Rowe    10 Apr 2012
Just found your website and hoped someone comay be able to confirm the location of the coastguard station at Conyer.

My Great Great Grandfather James Davidson was stationed there between June 1835 and Feb 1837.

Also, are there any photos available of the area?


Stuart Harrison    22 Apr 2012

I have an interest in the local history of Coastguards and Customs in the Faversham area.  I have checked your GGGrandfather against the TNA records I have and find he not only served at Conyer but also at Castle Coote, Forester, Cadmus and Herne Bay Coastguard stations, all then within the Port of Faversham, as well as on the Isle of Wight.

If you don’t have these details already I’d be happy to send them to you, with brief descriptions of the stations (I suggest you ask for the forum moderator to send me your e-mail address with the request – website contacts page).

Several of the Coastguard stations in the Thames and Medway estuaries began as ex-naval hulks initially staffed by men transferring from the Naval Coast Blockade which was disbanded in 1831.

Subsequently more permanent Coastguard Stations were built. The Coastguard Cottages at Conyer, now private residences, as well as the whole aspect of the creek can best be viewed on Google Maps, aerial and street views (using search “Conyer, Kent ME9 9HH”).  If you ever visit I’d very much recommend the updated local pub The Ship Inn – their website has an interesting history page with some old photos

Best wishes
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