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The War Years 1939-45

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John Scotney    16 Jun 2012
I have been searching the above publication for a reference to a crashed American plane in the vicinity of Harty Ferry to no avail.

Can any wartime historians tell me about this incident?
Roy George    24 Jul 2013
I was with my brother Les when we saw a B-17 flying very low on fire over Faversham .He got his bike out, sat me on his handlebars, and off we went. When we got to Harty Ferry we saw it on the mud flat.
Headley Caryer    13 Jun 2013
John Scotney?  Did you ever live in St. Ann's Road?
Peter Stevens    21 Jun 2012
The two American airmen mentioned in my earlier reply were 2nd Lieut Francisco Mercado, aged 24, and Sgt Peter Perhach, aged 30, and their base was in Norfolk.

Peter Stevens
Peter Stevens    18 Jun 2012
As far as I know there is no record of incidents such as this as most war news was suppressed and details were not therefore published in the local press.The compiler of the book was in fact the editor of the Faversham News at that time.

I can tell you, from Faversham Society records, that two members of the United States Air Force were treated at Faversham Cottage Hospital on 21 July, 1944, so that may have been the incident to which you refer.

Peter Stevens
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