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Walker family of Preston Street

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Caroline Gatrell    09 Jul 2012

I'm doing some family history and am looking for information on the Walker family who used to live at 65 Preston Street. Members of the family I know used to work at one time or another for the Woolwich Arsenal.

A number of the menfolk were called David James Walker. Also any information on their former residence would be most welcome.

Any assistance most welcome!

Linda Baldwin    02 Jan 2017

If you can put me in touch with Carol Nelson I would like to exchange Wyard information.


Peter Stevens    16 Nov 2013
In the 1939 Directory, John L Wyard was listed at Chesham House, Ethelbert Road, Faversham. Wyard's Library , bookseller and leather goods dealer at 64 and 65 Preston Street, and Wyard's Printing Works Ltd, at Ospringe Road.

Wyard's Printing Works started operations in 1913 at the rear of no.65 Preston Street and eventually enlarged when the adjoining 64 was acquired. Owing to the rapid business expansion, even larger premises were needed and in 1927 they bought the building at the southern end of Ospringe Road.

64 Preston St was the lending library and 65 was the stationers and sub Post Office.

Cemetery records show that Martha Elizabeth Wyard, aged 60, was interred on 22 September, 1945.
Carol Nelson    13 Nov 2013
I have been looking into my family history too and was happy to see number 65 Preston Street. My great grandmother's maiden name was Wyard and her father owned the Wyard's library. I would love some more information if you have any.
Peter Stevens    12 Jul 2012
65 Preston Street is now the Kebab House restaurant and takeaway.

For many years from 1913, the premises at 64 & 65 were home to Wyard's Library and sub Post Office. I can find no reference to the name Walker in Preston Street in any directories but there have been Walkers elsewhere in the town.

Eleven were interred in Faversham cemetery between 1916 and 1950, one of whom was William Henry Walker who was the landlord of the Star public house in Middle Row for 50 years. He died in 1950.
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