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Priory Row and Solley

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Jane Kinsman    01 Dec 2012
I have a Henry and Mary Ann Solley at 25 Priory Row, Faversham, in the 1891 Census.

I understand this row of houses was known as "The Forty Thieves". Can you tell me why or do you know where I might locate photographs of the houses?

Elizabeth Shortman    20 Apr 2014

Thank you for the information

Henry and Mary Ann Solley were my great grandparents. The probate for. Henry shows that he died at Gravel Pits House, Faversham, and probate was granted to Robert Solley, a retired policeman (my grandfather, known to me as Robert Roberts) living with Daisy Eleanor Roberts (Guttridge)

In 1928 my mother would have been 16, shown on birth certificate as Marguerite Kathleen Solley Guttridge, no father.


Peter Stevens    06 Dec 2012
Just in case you are not aware, you may also like to know that Henry Solley, aged 78, born in Faversham, was interred in Faversham Cemetery 4th October 1928 and Mary Ann Solley, aged 82, born in Walton-on-Thames, was interred 16th April 1929. Both in plot L 847.

Peter Stevens
Peter Stevens    04 Dec 2012
The Forty Thieves is simply a local nickname for Priory Row which I think has 41 houses, the last of which was for many years back in the 1930s the home of the local policeman. In the 1920s and 30s my grandparents lived at no.28.
An old photograph of the Row is held by the Faversham Society and the details of the Society can be found on this website.

Peter Stevens
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