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1807 Powder Mill Explosion

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Linda Harbord    25 Feb 2013
I have seen a newspaper report of the explosion, in which the six men killed were named:

John Scott, Daniel Tappenden, Wm Elliott, Andrew Shilling, John Sampson and George Blunn.(b1751)

It was stated in the report "that the families of the unfortunate men will be sufficiently  provided for".

Does anyone know of records of the family members please?  I am particularly interested in George Blunn  (he was buried in Faversham, but I don't believe he was a local man)

Linda Harbord
Arthur Percival    08 Mar 2013

George Blunn's widow's pension was authorised by the Board of Ordnance on the same day that he was buried - 21 September 1807. She was still alive in 1825, when it was £39 10s 0d a year. These details in the PRO (W/O SUPP5/116a).

Some staff lists survive for the period in question and if you can get to Kew it might be worth looking at the papers in W/O Supp to see if you can find any further details of George, though they'd probably only relate to his work and salary.

 As you say, the surname doesn't seem to be a Faversham-area one. A long shot is that he had been transferred from the other Royal Gunpowder Factory, at Waltham Abbey. You could get in touch with Les Tucker, the honorary archivist there. I mustn't give private email addresses in a public forum like this, but if you email me at ticfaversham@btconnect com (a published address) I can let you have it.

Best wishes

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