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Family history of Post/Pordage

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Collette Post    06 Aug 2013
I would like to know where my dad's grandfather, George Edwin Post, worked as a tailor.

He was in the 1881 census aged six, born in 1875 in Faversham Union. He  married Mary Ann Pordage in 1895.

I'd like to know if anyone has anything of any with Post and Pordage names and if anyone of those names or ancestry were categorized as lunatic.
Sylvia Lawrence    07 Nov 2013
I remember seeing some photos in the Fleur de Lis  archives which were related to the name Pordage.
I think they may have been connected to the carnival at the end of the 19th century and up to 1921.
There was a picture also of a young girl who was a roller skater in the roller rink at North Preston.
I cannot remember for sure but I think there may have been some connection with the shipyard and with Coffee House, Bridge Road.
Arthur Percival    14 Aug 2013

We at the Faversham Society may be able to help, at least with general information about Pordage (a common local name) and Post.

Can you please get in touch with me at, if possible with a family tree, if only in embryo. At the very beginning please mark it for my attention

Best wishes

Arthur Percival.

For more information about the Society, please see
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