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Arden of Feversham

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Barrie Vinten    25 Jan 2014

At some point in the 1950s I remember watching an outdoor performance of Arden of Feversham in the grounds of Davington Priory (if the weather was inclement I think there was a contingency plan to perform it in Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School hall).

Do records of this performance exist in the Heritage Centre? I recall that Alice Arden was played by Nan Moss, the wife of Geoff Moss, the dentist, the murderers Black Will and Shakebag were played by QE Grammar School masters Gatehouse and Packer respectively, and Michael was played by Fred Grice, the Co-op pharmacist.

I vaguely recall that George Champion, another QEGS master, was in it. Thomas Arden was played by somebody whose name I cannot remember but he owned a shop on the eastern corner of Napleton Road and Mendfield Street. (I see on Google Maps streetview that this now appears to be a private house.) 

Headley Caryer    25 Mar 2015
The name of the dentist in Newton Road was Collingwood.  Moss was at the top of Preston Street
Peter Stevens    03 Mar 2015
The dentist in Newton Road was named Collingwood.
Peter Stevens    03 Mar 2015
Further to my earlier reply, the Faversham Society does have a copy of the 1952 programme. should any more detail be required.

Peter Stevens    03 Mar 2015
Geofffrey Moss the dentist practised at 57 Preston Street. Before him the dentist at that address was named Kendrick.

Peter Stevens
Giles Adler    25 Feb 2015
Hello Barrie,

It is a shame that nobody has added any information about what was an historic occasion in the life of Faversham in the otherwise dull 50s.  Did Moss the dentist practise at the bottom end of Newton Road?  I am making a few notes for my children but cannot recall the dentist's name.

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