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Grace Hobday research

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Mark Rzymek    09 May 2015
I am trying to find out more about someone called Grace Hobday who died in the area on 10 August 1947. A little unclear if Hobday was her name that her death was be registered against. It may be Dodds or even Meadows. We believe she died from cancer aged 36 which would make her year of birth about 1911

Possibly related to a Harry Hobday who remarried (I think).

Looking to see where she is buried and if there are any photos in existence for her.

Thanks to everyone in advance


Mark Rzymek
Peter Stevens    09 Jun 2015
Probably not what you are looking for, but interred in Faversham Cemetery in January 1920 were Edith Rosetta Hobday, aged 38 and Louie aged 7 hours, wife and daughter of Henry Hobday.
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