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Hewett Family

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Anthony Bambury    28 May 2015
Hi, My name is Tony and I’m doing a bit of research on my Great Grandfather Frederick John Hewett. He was born on 1 August, 1869, in Ospringe I believe, that’s what some records are telling me.

He joined the Royal Navy in 1889 and his records state that his next of kin was Adelaide Emily Hewett and I’m not sure whether she was his mother or wife. His records also state that he joined the Royal Navy from an address in Faversham and I’m not aware of any siblings at this time.

He came out to Australia in 1912 and entered straight in to the Royal Australian Navy. If there is anybody that may have some information or guidance it would be of great help to me as I’m the only one who has shown interest in the family history, especially seeing that I served 21 years in the Royal Australian Navy. 

Frederick John Hewett is a part of the Royal Australian Navy’s history as he trained our first "Boy Sailors" who created the Tingira Association which is still fully active to this day and of which I’m a life member.

Thanks if there is any help out there. Tony
Peter Stevens    03 Jun 2015
Adelaide Emily was his wife. More family details from cemetery records have been sent by e-mail.

Peter Stevens
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