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Battle of Bossenden Wood 1838

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Graham Adamson    17 Apr 2018


In the history of Dunkirk quoted on your website , it is stated that the Battle of Bossenden Wood was the '' last armed uprising on British soil ''. I wish to bring to your notice the fact that during March 4th and 5th 1919 , in the two days of protest by Canadian troops ,stationed at Bodelwyddan army camp, Denbighshire, 5 soldiers (according to the official record , though witnesses said there were more ) were killed , including one soldier who was bayoneted in the head . This is a little known fact , and I recommend that anyone wishing to know more should search online .

John Coulter    06 Jun 2018
I think that the writer of the Dunkirk piece would have been taking the view that there's a distinction between an uprising (by the people against those in power and with some purpose of bringing about political change) and a military mutiny, which in the Bodelwyddan case was rioting by troops angry about the specific questions of rations and arrangements for transporting them home. 
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