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Smart water Meters

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Joanna Brown    07 Mar 2016

I have recently received a communication from South East Water concerning the installation of a water meter - which I have not requested.  Does anyone know if there is any documented legislation saying that SE Water can force a customer to have one?  

I am also concerned that the fitting of the meter will affect my central heating boiler (an extra part may have to be fitted) and I am wondering if SE Water will pay for this, or if I will have to foot the bill.  I would be pleased to hear comments from anyone about this. 

David King    20 May 2016

Don’t know which part of the town you live in Joanna, but in my neck of the woods we can’t have a meter of any kind as we’re on a shared pipe system, laid when the houses were originally built. SE Water did originally indicate, via their engineer doing the  inspection, that we’d have to go onto an Assessed Charge system, based on numbers of occupants & estimated water usage. Thankfully,they later communicated by letter, that as this would exceed our present bill we’d remain on current charges “for the time being” as they put it?

Hopefully this’ll become an ‘indefinite' situation as time progresses? Its clear to me, & should be clear to the water companies, that  a ‘one size fits all’ policy isn’t fair. I’d pursue the queries you raise with SEW with some vigour if you haven’t done so already. 







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