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A word of praise

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David King    10 Feb 2017

Some time ago, I commentated on the sad state of street lighting in the Town, especially as it affected my local neighbourhood.

 Now at last its nice to say something positive in that direction. We've just had new streetlights installed, as promised by the authorities previously. The difference is little short of miraculous, from being dimly lit at the best of times, when the lights were actually switched on, the pavements are restored to brightness, & which based on what I've observed,are kept on all night.

Apparently they're rechargeable during daylight hours,retaining a charge sufficiently strong enough to be used throughout the hours of darkness. Green, efficient & presumably, virtually free of cost to run?

 Congratulations KCC on this dramatic change, now perhaps we can look forward to a  similar improvement in the maintenance of footpaths & repair of potholes in future. 

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