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Brogdale Farm Brogdale Road

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Bob Giles    01 Feb 2018

Brogdale Farm is a national treasure and home of the National Fruit Collection but that is not all.

Generally this is regarded as a tourist attraction but there is so much more to offer other than fruit and fruit orchards, The Courtyard boasts 2 microbreweries, Brogdale Butchers, florist, fruit tree nursery, photographic studio, a gift shop and a full-blown restaurant.

There’s a miniature railway to entertain adults and children and a play park for the very young. Expert guides can take you on walking of tractor tours of the vast orchards where you will see and can sample from over 2,000 varieties of apples and soft fruits.

It is a surprise that many local people are not aware of this treasure on their doorstep and do not take advantage of shopping and eating with the benefit of a free parking and complete wheelchair access to all areas. Spread the word as we approach the beginning of a new season and make use of this oasis in the Garden of England.

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