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Rock/Folk/Prog/Pop singer needed for local band

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mike richardson    16 Feb 2018

Hey, is anyone interested in singing lead vox for my folk/rock Faversham combo, Swale Rider? I'm looking for someone whose influences range from the Beatles to Beach Boys and from Zappa to ZZ Top. We play mainly covers, such as ELP, Dire Straits, Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd, plus the odd folk standards like Drunken Sailor and Wild Rover - and a clutch of originals too.

All current band members sing a bit, but I'm greedy, plus we need to create some good harmonies.

We're currently rehearsing to get ready for gigs in the next couple of months. You'll need dedication, experience, strong arms and transport - we're currently practising in my kitchen!

Any ability in also playing wonky arcane folk instruments will be most welcome too. Rock hard, rock heavy, rock lobster!

Best regards, Mike

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