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A Solar power station as big as Faversham

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Michael Wilcox    22 Mar 2018

It seems that not many people know about the proposal to build a solar power station on Graveney and Nagden marshes. It will be as big as Faversham. It's seven times bigger than the biggest solar parks in the UK, and seventy times bigger than Abbey Fields solar farm. It's huge, and yet not many people know about it. 

You can find out more on the website put together by local residents. It's not shouty, but it seeks to make the case, in a calm way, for this kind of development to be placed elsewhere, rather than industrialising our beautiful coastal countryside. 

I hope will put a link up to help raise awareness.

David King    06 Apr 2018

Mixed feelings on this. Understand that harnessing solar power may contribute to the power generation capacity overall, but ask whether or not this is the right way of doing it by taking out large parcels of land, albeit  of 'low grade' agricultural quality? 

 There are surely, wildlife habitat considerations to take into consideration as well. Misssed the original presentation in Faversham, & feel there is both a lack of information & awareness on the issue generally. 

 The whole thing does seem a large project for a town of Faversham's size, & wonder whether its been rejected elsewhere?




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