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St John the Evangelist, The Brents

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The Brents Church, pictured in 2007, used to serve brickfield workers but is now in private hands  

St John the Evangelist, The Brents, Faversham, was built and dedicated in 1881 as the parish church of the then new parish of The Brents, which had been the detached North Preston section of the ancient parish of Preston.

The church's construction was funded by the widow of William Hall, the local gunpowder/explosives magnate of the time. Known locally simply as The Brents Church, it was colloquially known as The Brickies' Church because it served the families who lived in the creekside area and who worked in the nearby brickfields.

The Brents parish was joined with Davington parish in the 1930s and the two were formally amalgamated in the 1960s, parishioners using both The Brents and Davington churches.
St John the Evangelist was declared redundant in 2000. The last service held at The Brents was Evening Prayer on Sunday 26 November 2000, led by parish priest-in-charge the Revd Ian Black; the sermon was preached by the Rural Dean of the Ospringe Deanery the Revd Will Mowll.

The building was sold subsequently by the Diocese of Canterbury and remains in private hands, although it is currently unused.