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St Crispin and St Crispianus

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Tradition says that St Crispin and St Crispianus, after fleeing persecution in Rome, settled in Faversham in AD 284/6 and worked as shoemakers at the site of the Swan Inn, which bears a commemorative plaque.  After their Faversham sojourn, the pair were missionaries in Gaul, where, after refusing to reject their faith, they were executed in 296. The pair were declared patron saints of shoemakers and saddlers. Well into the 18th Century, Faversham festivities marked the saints’ day, 25 October.

The plaque

Ss Crispin & Crispianus

Location of the plaque

Ss Crispin & Crispianus 
The Swan, Market Street, Faversham, has a link with two martyred saints