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Abbey Street

The plaque

Abbey Street Plaque

Location of the plaque

Location of the Plaque for Abbey Street

This plaque commemorates those whose efforts in the 1950s ensured that Faversham’s Abbey Street, many of whose ancient houses were then in poor condition, was spared demolition and restored.

Mentioned by name are Herbert Richards, John Hallward, Geoffrey King, Sydney Wilson and Frederick Bishop.

Herbert Richards, who lived beside Faversham Creek at Bridge House, was the motive force for the former Faversham Historical Society and campaigned indefatigably for Abbey Street to be retained and restored.

John Hallward bought and restored Arden’s House and drew national attention to the plight and potential of the rest of Abbey Street.

Geoff King, as editor of the Faversham News, campaigned, in an initially unsympathetic climate, for the street’s restoration.

Sydney Wilson was Town Clerk and local secretary of the Kent Archeological Society and in that later role helped to secure the interest of the Council for the Protection of Rural England, now the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

Fred Bishop, who succeeded Sydney Wilson as town clerk, was responsible for the report that convinced the former Faversham Borough Council to save Abbey Street and restore it and was involved in the detailed work that followed.