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Biographer on track of Sixties 'chancer'

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16 March 2012
A writer is seeking memories about a London gangland character and friend of the Rolling Stones who lived in Faversham in the early 1970s.

Keiron Pim is writing the biography of David Litvinoff, who lived at Davington Priory during its ownership by the art dealer Christopher Gibbs, and he wants to get in touch with anyone having memories of Litvinoff.

Litvinoff, who is described as “a gangland character” and “an East End cockney chancer” in Gary Lachman’s Turn Off Your Mind book about the Sixties, was hired as “Director of Authenticity” for Performance, the 1968 crime drama film starring James Fox and the Stones’ Mick Jagger, a friend of Christopher Gibbs.
Mr Pim says that Litvinoff lived at the Priory from, it is believed, about 1972 until April 1975, when he committed suicide there.


Mr Pim said: “Litvinoff was an infamous London character - a friend of the Krays, the Rolling Stones, Lucian Freud, Eric Clapton and Francis Bacon among others - who had a polarising effect on people: some loved him and others hated him.
“He was very funny, but also something of a thief. So it’s quite possible that people who remember him may not do so especially fondly. However, I would be really grateful to hear from anyone who could help me build up a detailed picture of his final years in Faversham, whatever they made of him.”

Mr Pim, who has paid an initial visit to Faversham for his research on Litvinoff, writes on arts topics and is a book reviewer for publications including Time Out.

Anyone with any recollections of Litvinoff to pass on to Mr Pim, or suggestions as to whom he might contact for information, is asked to get in touch with him at 1 Pelham Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR3 3NG (telephone 07921 376656).