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Faversham Brent Moorings

Faversham Creek is a tidal creek running south off The Swale at Harty Ferry, some 6 miles west of Whitstable, on the North Kent Marshes.

Faversham Jetty 

The navigatable creek flows from The East Swale off the Thames estuary flowing from the north sea. You can print navigational details here.

Faversham Creek LocationThe creek meanders through the North Kent Marshes with its abundance of wildlife and on to Faversham which lies at its head, making it an ideal place for walking, boating and bird watching. Faversham Brent Moorings is close to the town centre. You can download our Town map here.

There is an excellent selection of eateries in and around Faversham. Close to the Brents mooring are; The Albion Taverna, Posillipo, The Phoenix, Ask Restaurant. full details can be found here.

Faversham Creek is the key to the existence of Faversham.
What was once an industrial port has transformed itself into a delightful destination for those cruising the Thames estuary.

Without the Creek, Faversham would never have existed. Its value for the discharge and loading of cargoes was recognised in prehistoric times, when a settlement was established not far from Standard Quay; a Roman villa (luxury farmstead) came next; and then 1,000 years later, in 1147, work began on building a huge Abbey nearby. Stone for this was imported from France through the Creek.

Every year Faversham celebrates its history with a Nautical Festival. An assortment of boats can be seen on the creek of traditional steam, sail and working barges.

For more information please see Port of Faversham.

Faversham Creek

The creek is navigatable by suitable craft as far as Faversham town centre, with access to the creek approximately 1½ hours either side of high water. There is berthing for visitors either on the Front Brents Jetty (starboard) or at the town quay (port).

Harty Ferry has a number of full tide mooring buoys, owned by boatyards in Oare and Faversham, which can be used for waiting for the tide to access the creek.
Moorings and other marine services are also available in Oare Creek.

Faversham by Sea

Faversham Creek Chartlet

Faversham Creek Chartlet To view a chartlet of Faversham Creek, from the Faversham Spit buoy to the Town Quay, please click on the picture on the left.

This will present a large scale chartlet in a new window. If you wish to expand the chartlet further, please click anywhere on the chartlet.

The chartlet has been taken from the booklet Faversham Creek Navigation Guide which was published in 2001. It should not therefore be used for navigation purposes.

Skippers are advised to pay due respect to the buoys, follow a curving course from one to the next not a straight line, especially from number 12 to number 3, from number 3 to number 5 on to number 7 and respect number 14.

Navigation Data

Navigational notes can be more easily printed here.

Sheerness Port Authority, Peel Ports.  Harbourmaster  01795 663 025 .
In addition to VHF Ch16, mariners are advised to monitor VHF Ch12 (Port Control London) in the
Thames estuary for details of shipping movements and similarly Ch74 (Medway radio) in the Medway/Swale area.
Current tidal heights are available from these stations.

Tides: same as Sheerness. +0125 Dover
Waypoint: Harty Ferry  52:20.9N, 0:53.8E
Waypoint: Swale entrance to the creek  51:20.7N, 0:54.3E
Kingsferry Bridge: contacted on VHF Ch10 to arrange a lift 
'Skipper's Guide': The FREE one stop information guide for power and sail boat owners in South East England and Solent.  
Thames Coastguard:  VHF Ch 16/67       01255 675 518   Emergency phone 999
London Weather Centre:  information and forecasts   02007 831 5986 
Police/ Emergency:  999     Faversham Health Centre:  01795 562 000
Faversham Creek Chandlery:  9am-6pm (closed Tues).  Stocks: safety equipment and wide range of nautical requirements, including charts. ("Y14"for Faversham Creek)   01795 591 157


Front Brents Jetty
Town Council  01795 594 442/3       Jetty Agent 01795 591 140   07831 589 794
VHF Ch8 'Brents Jetty'
Access: HW+/-1.5 hr3.5ft on a 5.4 tide see gauge board.
Berthing: 20 along-side jetty: 'Max Draught'  1.5m', 'Max LOA 7.5m/ 25ft'

Iron Wharf Boatyard   01795 537 122    VHF Ch 8' Iron Wharf'
Access: HW+/-1.5 hr
Berthing:  40 drying
Max Draught: 3m
Max LOA: 25m
Facilities:  water, toilets, repairs, chandlery, crane  

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Dredging Faversham Creek 2007
Dredging Faversham Creek in 2007