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Nature in Faversham

Swan on Faversham Creek

The Faversham area, stretching from the beauty of the rolling Kent Downs through the countryside to the flatlands of the North Kent Marshes, has an abundance of wildlife, plants and wild places.

Here you will find very rare plants growing, among them hog's fennel, and this is one of the few places in Britain where you can find the heath fritillary butterfly. Wild orchids can be seen in many places.

In bluebell woods in May, look out particularly for the Early Purple - hard to distinguish from the bluebells at first, but once you have seen one you will see lots of others.

The Faversham area boasts four nature reserves and two Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs).

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Nature in Faversham Map

Oare Marshes Nature Reserve South Swale Nature Reserve Oare Meadow Nature Reserve Ellenden Wood Oare Gunpowder Works Blean Woods Lorenden Park Kent Downs Kent Downs Perry Wood Spuckles & Kenelling Wood