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Badlesmere, Throwley Forstal and Bell’s Forstal circular walk

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A circular walk of about 4¾ miles starting and finishing at The Red Lion at Badlesmere.

The route starts from The Red Lion at Badlesmere on the A251 (grid reference TR 0085 5395). There is a large car park for patrons (and, in any case, the beer and food are excellent). This route can also be combined with the Baddlesmere Lees and Sheldwich walk to make a longer figure of eight walk totalling about 8 ¾ miles.

CROSS the A251 WITH CARE and TURN RIGHT on pavement on opposite side. Just before the end of the green on your right hand side (RHS) TURN LEFT onto a footpath as indicated by a green and white finger post (on the green – the RHS side of the road). Keep to the left of a barn (Falcon Barn, with an Airedale on the name sign). Go over a stile (lots of dog space) into a field – this is used for horse grazing so make sure your dog is under control. Keep to the top right of the field, close to a fence, then AHEAD over another stile with lots of dog space (note yellow arrow marker on right hand post).

Follow the path down through a wood to reach a field. Note post on RHS at edge of wood with three yellow arrow markers. Take the LEFT HAND of these, there was no evidence of a path when we walked, across the field aiming to the left hand side (LHS) of a patch of wood on the opposite side and to the RHS of the top of a pylon just over the brow of the hill (south of westerly, about 250 degrees – you should see two pylons to the left of the top you are aiming for). After crossing the field note yellow arrow marker on a post at field boundary (this is close to a track running along its edge from the patch of wood). Go past the marker into the next field then TURN RIGHT as indicated. KEEP CLOSE TO RHS of field at first until the field boundary turns right then BEAR LEFT across field towards a white house with red roof. GO AHEAD through a gap in the hedge then across the yard of the house and through a gate to reach a metalled lane. BE SURE TO CLOSE THE GATE securely as the house has children and a Springer Spaniel (the house is Yew Tree House 1866).

GO AHEAD across the lane and up a few steps to join a footpath marked by a green and white finger post. Follow the indicated direction across a broad field keeping well to the right of the pylons at first but gradually getting closer and pass to the left of the last one before a metalled lane. Go through a gap in the hedge to reach the lane at a T-junction. GO AHEAD on a lane signed to Throwley Forstal. As you reach Throwley Forstal note pillar box, village notice board and map board. TURN DIAGONALLY RIGHT here (just before the boards) onto a metalled drive in front of houses. As the drive bears hard left TURN RIGHT onto a bridleway as marked by a concrete marker built into the wall of a house called Beeches. Keep the wall with the sign on your LHS and follow the bridleway into a field passing between a fence and Beeches' garage as you go.

GO AHEAD on the bridleway across a field. Go through a hedge at field boundary (blue arrow marker on RHS) then TURN IMMEDIATELY LEFT keeping to the LHS of the field. At next field boundary GO AHEAD aiming to the left of a tree line ahead and downhill (a post without markers was on the RHS of this field junction when we walked). Go through hedge to reach a metalled lane.

TURN LEFT along the lane to reach a road junction at Tong Green. TURN LEFT in front of Dell Cottage and Tong Cottage and follow lane uphill and through a couple of bends. KEEP AHEAD towards Throwley Forstall when a lane turns right to Stalisfield and Charing, then downhill to reach roads T-junction. CONTINUE AHEAD across the junction on to a footpath marked by a green and white finger post to the LHS of a metal barrier keeping a fence close to your LHS at first (uphill). Keep to this main path as it passes through a ribbon of trees then a wider section of wood (passing under a fallen tree on the way). CONTINUE AHEAD when the path reaches a field (note another marker post without arrow markers) keeping to the LHS side of the field slightly uphill. At the top of the hill CONTINUE AHEAD at a cross tracks (note old tank trailer on LHS). Follow clear track to reach metalled lane near bend.

TURN LEFT along lane towards a house on LHS. At lane junction, at Bell's Forstal, BEAR RIGHT (signed to Badlesmere, Sheldwich and Faversham). CONTINUE AHEAD through a cluster of houses at Leaveland (South Hill Farm is the first on the LHS, then Yew Tree House on RHS then a terrace – Bethel Row). At lane junction (left to Throwley Forstal) TURN RIGHT onto a footpath marked by a green and white finger post. CROSS FIELD aiming to the left of a wood. Keep the wood on your RHS then, at its end, cross the next field towards the bottom corner of the wood opposite (DIAGONALLY LEFT).

Enter the wood on a footpath by the fence line – this is the path you used on the outward journey. Follow the path up through the wood and cross the stile back into the field. Keep close to the LHS the over the next stile and ahead to A251. TURN RIGHT and use the pavement until opposite The Red Lion. Cross with care for a drink and / or something to eat.

Map - Explorer Maps 149: Sittingbourne & Faversham
Distance - about 4¾ miles
Stiles - 2 both dog friendly
Date walked - 14 November 2005

Walk details courtesy of Dogpeople Ltd, a One Stop Shop to help you gather information for successful holidays and days out with your canine best friend.