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Faversham to Graveney walk

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There are a number of country walks to be enjoyed in and around Graveney and Goodnestone. This walk describes a route from Faversham to Graveney.

Key places on this tour include Faversham's Standard Quay and Iron Wharf and Graveney's village hall and former Horseshoes public house

Setting out from Standard Quay, Faversham, the walk follows the quayside to Iron Wharf and passes the Old Oyster House, going through the boatyard to a narrow bridge over Thorny Creek.

This once-thriving port even had the services of the Creek branch railway line, which joined the main line near Faversham Recreation Ground.

From here, Ham Marshes and the village of Oare are visible to the west. Continue and the walk follows the Creek bank along to the waterworks.

It may be possible to pass between the waterworks and the Creek itself or it may be necessary to pass the works using the cycle path to the east.

North of these works, the path/cycle track meanders along the Creek bank towards Nagden.

Again, there are pleasant views, north to the Swale, east to the North Downs and Boughton Hill, south to Faversham and the spire of St Mary of Charity, and west to Oare and Ham Marshes.

Continue and the path turns from the Creek bank and, via a footbridge and a further length of cycle path, joins Sandbanks Lane.

Turn right and follow the road into the village of Graveney.

In Sandbanks Lane, is an old, tin-covered barn with interesting wooden structures. It is worth noting to view the barn only from the outside.

At Graveney Village Hall, there's a choice of going east to Graveney village, south to Goodnestone or northeast to All Saints' Church, Graveney.

We continue east to the end of Sandbanks Lane, where we turn right, across the railway line and walk a further 300 yards to the former Horseshoes.

The return to Faversham can be made in reversal of this route or by the 660 bus.

Walk and pictures, courtesy of Colin Relf