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12 Market Place, Faversham, Kent ME13 7AE

Faversham Camera Club


Welcome to the home page of the Faversham & District Camera Club. The F.D.C.C was founded in June 1948, and is affiliated to The Kent County Photographic Association and The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain.

Since the club was formed the photographic world has seen many changes, but, the end result is still the same. A Photograph in 1948 most of the images were taken on black & white film, and black and white prints were produced, if you wanted some colour these black and white prints were hand toned.

When colour film became more available and affordable the trend was toward colour photographs. Then transparencies (slides) became very popular, allowing a group of people to view images as an audience, in the last few years Digital Imaging has come to the fore, photographs without film, and no need for a darkroom to process your film and prints,all that is required is a computer and printer.

But, within the F.D.C.C we are very lucky to have members that produce all of the above mentioned, some still develop their film and print their own photographs, these varying in size from the normal 8"x 6" up to 20"x16", some still develop their own slides, and of course some sit down at their computer and produce their images, of course some folks take advantage of the local high street processing lab's.

It is well known that the F.D.C.C is one of the friendliest photographic clubs in Kent, and a warm welcome is afforded to any new member, so should you be a keen photographer wishing to learn a little more about your hobby, or a complete novice, trying to understand all the jargon about digital photography, a camera club is the best place to do it.

Members' Photographs


Above you will see some examples of our members' photographs. You can see more by going to, or our main web site gallery pages.



The club's season runs from mid September to April, and meets at 7.30pm every Wednesday at the Catholic Church Hall, Tanners Street, Faversham, Kent ME13 7JW.

Here we are treated to lectures by photographers that are experts in their chosen subject, club and inter club competitions, practical evenings, various demonstrations, and club outings, and should any member request something specific, we try to incorporate this into the schedule as well.

So should you be interested in, portraiture, nature, landscapes, close up photography, architecture, etc etc, there is something at the club for you, as for knowledge and or assistance, members are only to pleased to pass on the skills they have learnt over the years to those keen to learn about photography.

In fact, some members since joining the club as complete beginners have gone onto attaining accreditations from The Royal Photographic Society, and The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain, using their skill and knowledge gained via the F.D.C.C. and you do not require the latest equipment, many of our members use compact cameras, we invite you to visit our main website at www.favershamdistrictcameraclub.

For further Information contact:

Mr Ian Montague - Club Secretary
Faversham & District Camera Club
Tel: 07771 971 405