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Green Travel

There are things drivers do to make their travel more green. They include:-

  • Use public transport. Bus services and train services in the district are regular and plentiful.
  • Be a greener driver - and opt for a fuel efficient car. There are a number of hybrid or fully electric cars available. Tests show it would cost about £1,250 in petrol for a six-litre Bentley to cover 6,000 miles - compared with just £280 for a Citroen C3 with a diesel 1.4 litre engine. Electric cars and hybrids are being developed by most manufacturers and are improving all the time. They are particularly worth considering if most of your journeys are local ones.
  • Car share to work, if only once or twice a week! You save you money and it's a great way to get to know colleagues.
  • Walk your children to school. A fifth of cars on the road in the morning peak period are parents driving their children to school. Or if it's too far, car share with other parents.
  • Try leaving the car at home for one journey a week, cutting pollution and reducing your level of carbon dioxide emissions - one of the gases responsible for climate change. Use public transport and/or walk or cycle and get fit at the same time.
  • 72 per cent of journeys are less than five miles, and 50 per cent are less than two miles. If all short journeys were done by on foot or by bicycle, rather than by car, car mileage could be cut by one-sixth - with no need to sacrifice the freedom to use the car for longer journeys.