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12 Market Place, Faversham, Kent ME13 7AE


Whether we are at home or at work, we can achieve waste reduction through simple, practical measures.

The first principle of waste minimisation is "reduce". This asks for a reduction in the amounts of waste produced and sent to landfill. This can be achieved through easy steps such as refusing carrier bags when not needed.

The second principle is re-use, e.g. reusing scrap paper or try making something new from it. Why not join a craft course?

Finally, if you no longer need something and cannot re-use it, recycle it or give it to a charity shop. Charity shops are a great place to give new life to old things, and everyone benefits! Or Freecycle it. You can learn more about recycling by visiting Recyling Guide website. Everything from paper, glass, plastic, foil, tin cans and a lot more besides can be taken to your local recycling centre, as well as the kerbside collections operated by Swale Council. Reading glasses and shoes are especially needed in the third world. You can find out about recyling in the Faversham area by visiting Swale Council's website Recycling in Swale.