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12 Market Place, Faversham, Kent ME13 7AE

Family history

The history of the Faversham area goes back to approximately -40BC when a Belgic farmstead was established on the Creek/Cooksditch promontory.

Given this, the history of families in the Faversham area surely goes back as far. Here, we provide links to Faversham family trees and to researching your own family history.

Parish Map 1930

Go to Faversham Area Ecclesiastical Parish Boundaries Map 1930 to see how parish boundaries as they were in 1930.

Help with family history

The Faversham Society will be pleased to try to help you with your family history enquiries, if they relate to the Faversham area. See Family History Enquiries for details.

Street re-numbering

It may be helpful to family historians and others to know that some streets in Faversham have been re-numbered.

Streets in the town were not numbered at all till c 1860. This means that numbers in census enumerators' returns before 1861 are not street numbers but enumerators' serial numbers, bearing no relationship to present street numbers.

Streets re-numbered since initial numbering took place are known to include Newton Road, Ospringe Street (aka The Street, Ospringe), St Mary's Road and South Road.

It is not known by whom, when exactly or on what basis re-numbering was undertaken. No records have survived. However within fairly close limits, using street directories, the relationship of present to former numbers has been established by a process of correlation.

If specific information is needed in order to identify a particular property, please contact The Faversham Society at