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In the mid-1990s, an article in The Sunday Telegraph suggested that Faversham is the most haunted town in Britain.

White Lady?It gave details of a sea captain said to have died at the Shipwrights' Arms at Hollowshore while lugging ashore a huge piece of iron - sometimes thought to be the fireback in the grate by the bar.

A general inquiry in Faversham's local papers at that time produced a wealth of evidence from local residents, who between them had seen, heard, smelt or been affected by literally dozens of ghosts in different manifestations.

The publication of these reports into a book led to further reportings, publications, investigations, tours and television coverage.

The Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre which houses the Faversham Society and the local museum is itself haunted - by a white lady who was seen at the top of the stairs, and staff in the museum also heard the telephone exchange on display ringing, though it was not connected to any lines anywhere.

Here are some of the reports of ghosts in the Faversham area:-

  • A modern house in Bramley Avenue produced a teenage boy ghost, standing silently by a bedroom window.