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12 Market Place, Faversham, Kent ME13 7AE


Police in Faversham 1891
Policeman in Ospringe Street in 1891, just after amalgamation with the Kent constabulary

'Warders' were first appointed in the town of Faversham in 1623. Under the powers of the Faversham Pavement Act of 1789 they were superseded by the first proper borough police force.

Policemen on Patrol c1905By 1876 (a year for which there happens to be a manpower record), this consisted of a Head Constable (what we would call an Inspector these days), a Sergeant and six Constables. The borough force was amalgamated with the Kent County Constabulary in 1889.

Special (volunteer) constables were recruited from time to time on an ad hoc basis when there seemed to be a risk of civil disturbance.