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12 Market Place, Faversham, Kent ME13 7AE


To find out more about a particular figure from Faversham's rich history, please
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Benjamin Adkins: Victorian architect
Sir Sidney Alexander: First World War mayor
John Anderson: educational institute pioneer
Thomas Arden: mayor murdered by wife

Theo Barber: town photographer
Sir Harry Batterbee: New Zealand role
George Beckett: a charitable mayor
John By: pioneer of Ottawa
Sir Sidney Alexander
Sir Sidney Alexander
Charles Cremer
Charles Cremer
Joseph Cowper: gunpowder manager
Charles Cremer: brickmaker mayor
St Crispin and St Crispianus: martyred shoemakers
Edward Crow: historian and mayor

Herbert Dane: journalist and historian
Robert Dod: Faversham's first mayor
Rev Charles Donne: Victorian vicar

Prince Eustace: buried at Faversham
Dr Charles Evers: rescuer after 1916 blast
Haymo of Faversham (see under Haymo)
Simon of Faversham (see under Simon)
George Finlay: historian of Greece
Hilda Fowlds: early victim of terrorism

Richard Gibbs: tea-trader and benefactor
William Gibbs: legacy in British Museum
Francis F. Giraud: Victorian town clerk
John Goldfinch: shipbuilder and mayor
Florence Graham: town's first female mayor
Michael Greenwood: enslaved sailor
Francis Grueber: gunpowder manufacturer 
Florence Graham
Florence Graham
John Goldfinch
John Goldfinch
Henry Hatch: Tudor benefactor of town
Haymo of Faversham: leader of the Franciscans 

Edward Jacob: mayor, surgeon and author
James II: king held captive in Faversham
Sir Samuel Johnson: Victorian mayor
Daniel Judd: made munitions for Cromwell

Herbert Marsh: bishop who annoyed Napoleon
Richard Marsh: pioneer of Faversham Brewery
Queen Matilda: co-founded Faversham Abbey
Harry Neame: Shepherd Neame brewery head
Jasper Neame: mayor who led Shepherd Neame
Percy Beale Neame: took family into brewing
Clement Norton: vicar in Tudor era

Arthur Osborne: creator of Ivorex plaques

Percy Beale Neame
Percy Beale Neame
Henry Wreight
Henry Wreight
Simon of Faversham: Chancellor of University of Oxford
Leslie Smith: benefactor and historian
Stephen, King of England: set up town abbey
John Ward: pirate
William Whiting: archaeologist
Thomas Willement: stained glass artist
John Wilson: first Master of the King's Music 
Henry Wreight: benefactor of town