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12 Market Place, Faversham, Kent ME13 7AE

Location of Plaques

Map of Faversham's Commemorative Wall Plaques

Map Showing the Location of Faversham's Commemorative Wall Plaques

Town centre

(1) No 12 Market Place (James II and Henry Hatch)
(2) Hugh Place, off Market Place (plot to murder Thomas Arden)
(3) Former Ship Hotel, Market Place (John Wesley)
(4) Swan Inn, Market Street (St Crispin and St Crispianus)
(5) No 10 Market Place (Kings Mill Manor House)
(6) Royal Cinema, Market Place
Former Star Inn, Middle Row
(7) No 8 Market Place (Francis Crow and Edward Crow)

Court Street

(8) Shelter Charity Shop, Court Street (Old Fire Engine House)
(9) Shelter Charity Shop, Court Street (former guildhall)
(10) No 18 Court Street (James II)
No 19 Court Street (John White Masters)
(11) No 23 Court Street (Charles II)
(12) Information Panel (Court Street)

Abbey Street area

(13) Abbey Street Restoration
(14) No 89 Abbey Street (Michael Greenwood)
(15) Arden's House, Abbey Street (Thomas Arden and the Arden of Faversham play)
(16) Arden's House, Abbey Street (Faversham Abbey Outer Gateway)
(17) Old Grammar School (Church Walk/Shooting Meadows Walk)
(18) Information Panel (Abbey Place)
(19) No 63 Abbey Street (Faversham Abbey Inner Gateway)
(20) No 42 Abbey Street (site of home of George Trench)
(21) Anchor (ancient public house)
(22) Standard Quay Warehouses, Standard Quay

Near Faversham Creek

(23) Conduit Street (Town Warehouse)
(24) Information Panel (Faversham Creek)
(25) Bridge House, The Brents (former Brents Coffee Tavern)
(26) Brents Tavern, Upper Brents

Around the town

(27) Newton Lodge, Newton Road (Benjamin Adkins, Victorian architect)
(28) The Faversham Club, Gatefield Lane (former Baptist chapel)
(29) No 76 Preston Street (Edward Jacob's house on street's west side)
Jacob Yard, Preston Street (named after Edward Jacob, on street's east side)
(30) The Alexander Centre, Preston Street (Sir Sidney Alexander)
(31) No 19a Preston Street (former Gem cinema)
M&Co, 72 Preston Street (site of former Argosy cinema, later the Regal)
(32) Drill Hall, Preston Street (former Assembly Rooms)
(33) Wreight's House, The Mall (Henry Wreight)

To the west

(34) No 74 West Street (once home of Albert E. Smith, Hollywood pioneer)
(35) Stonebridge Lodge, Stonebridge Pond
(36) Information Panel (Stonebridge Pond)
(37) No 1 Priory Row (Walter Godfrey Allen, surveyor of St Paul's)
(38) Old Gate Road (gateway of former Davington Court)
(39) Roman Catholic Church, Tanners Street (1861 school, later Empire cinema)

To the east

(40) William Gibbs Court, Orchard Place (former William Gibbs School)
(41) Faversham Cemetery, Love Lane